9 Ways To Increase The Comfiness Of Your Bed

Nowadays, when working from home becomes more and more prevalent, sometimes it’d be nice to work in the comfort of your bed instead of your desk. In those cases, why not maximise your productivity by increasing the comfiness of your bed? Let us show you a few tips and tricks!

9 Ways To Increase The Comfiness Of Your Bed

Clean Your Bed

That’s right! The best and also the most straight-forward way is to get your bed cleaned. Try cleaning the sheets every morning after you wake up. Don’t be frustrated as it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Pull the sheets straight and then tug it back into the corners to keep it smooth and wrinkle-free. Afterwards use a feather duster, and if possible, a lint roller to get rid of any hair or stray fabric fibres on the sheets.

This will keep your bed in tip-top cleanliness, while also ensuring that it’s always a pleasant place to lie or sit on.

Mattress Maneuver

A small tip to increase mattress durability is to flip it. Since only one side is used, that side might harden over time and eventually start to crumble away. 

Therefore, every six months of use or so, just flip the mattress around. This will ensure maximum fluffiness for your mattress. You can also take advantage of this time to clean up any stain that might have gotten onto the mattress and dirty it. 

Invest In Your Nest

This basically means that you should try to go for beddings that are of higher quality.  It might cost a little bit more, indeed, but considering that your sleep contributes a lot to your health, it certainly is a worthwhile investment. 

Oftentimes, poorly made beddings might contain dust particles that can affect your nasal system as you sleep. And not just that, low-quality cotton falls apart very easily, which makes pillows quickly deflate and lose their original fluffiness. 

Bad feather pillows can also prick your body while sleeping. Therefore, we highly recommend buying good quality beddings as it is more beneficial in the long run. Still, keep an eye out, because occasionally a great bargain might just land onto your lap!

Add Cushioning

Sometimes your mattress could be a bit too hard, so what you need in this case is, without a doubt, a mattress topper. This adds another layer of softness and positive lumpiness that regular mattresses usually lack. 

Furthermore, have you ever woken up in sweaty summer days? The mattress topper adds a layer that helps your back ventilate through those hot and humid nights.

And not just that, mattress toppers are just as easy to clean as bedsheets, which, as mentioned above, is vital for a comfortable bed: just take the topper off and wash it like a bedsheet. 

Fill Out The Gaps

Besides making your bed look like the Kingdom of Clouds and Plush, pillows and plushies can also act as support for your body. Other than the few basic pillows, you can look into buying a long pillow to help you sleep better.

If you’re looking to decorate your bedroom for a certain theme, there’s an entire market dedicated to theme plushies and pillows. You could get a patterned pillow or an animal plushy that also doubles as a pillow. Be imaginative, the world is your oyster!  

Choosing The Right Pillows

Pillows and plushies also do wonders for your sleeping positions. Body pains caused by bad working or sleeping habits can be alleviated with pillows of various shapes and sizes. Back pains can be alleviated with a pillow put under your knee, or sometimes even a wedge pillow if the regular ones don’t cut it. As for neck pains, you can look into getting a low or thin pillow, as they’re often the easiest way to help.  

Sometimes, you might want to work right from the comfort of your bed, in those cases, you will need a bed rest pillow. Also more funkily known as a husband pillow, this is the one-for-all solution for your work-from-home situation. Not just that, this kind of pillow is also fantastic for reading, gaming, or just chilling in bed with a nice cup of tea. There are loads of models out there, so read up to personally pick out the best ones for you

The Environment Matters

Sometimes you go to bed hoping for some peace and quiet, only to be woken up by noise from outside. Or sometimes the street lights are shining directly into your bedroom.

It is common knowledge that such environmental aspects can disrupt your rest. For these problems, you can minimise their effects by investing in curtains and if possible, noise reduction glass. You can also opt for a sleeping mask if you’re looking to buy things on a budget. 

Storage Matters 

After you’ve used or thoroughly washed your bed sheets and pillowcases, fold them and put them in a cabinet. That way they’re shielded from dust, molds, and bedbugs. 

Another neat trick that is rather popular is to iron your bed sheets or use a garment steamer. This is usually how hotels produce the impeccably smooth and uber-satisfying bed. With a little help, you can recreate the same feeling as well!


All in all, that’s pretty much it. Be it working from home, or coming home after a hard day at work, the bed is always the best place to lie onto. And now with these 9 tips to increase the comfiness of your bed, you can make it an even better place to do so. Enjoy!!