Best Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

When it comes to sunscreen, I rely more on mineral sunscreens, especially when it comes to my face. 

First of all, they are much safer for your overall health compared to chemical sunscreens, they are also less likely to cause any skin irritations as well as heat-induced pigmentation. This is because zinc oxide works by sitting on the surface of the skin to reflect away the light rather than penetrate into the bloodstream.

But this doesn’t mean you can just grab any sunscreens with “mineral” on its label. Always remember that not all sunscreens are made to be exactly the same. Most of the sunscreens available in the market today don’t come with high enough levels of actives, they often lack genuine broad-spectrum protection or worse, they main contain other harmful and damaging ingredients.

So to make things easier for you, I’ve rounded up top five of the best zinc oxide sunscreen you must try to keep you protected against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Keep on reading below to find out what these products are.

Best Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

Badger SPF 30 Baby Sunscreen Cream


This sunscreen delivers broad-spectrum protection by using 19% zinc oxide as its active ingredient. But what’s even great is that it has a simple formula with only six ingredients, making it ideal for everyday use. These ingredients include soothing calendula and calming chamomile. It is also water resistant for up to 40 minutes.

When it comes to sun protection, Badger is definitely one of the brands I trust the most. They always care about the products they produce and of course, its customers. This is why Badgers constantly make the effort in improving their formulas, with the aim to give their customers a formula that is not only pleasant to use but is also safe for the environment. In fact, this is one of the highest rated sunscreens on the list of Environmental Working Group.

The only downside of this product is that it has a thick texture that tends to leave a white cast on your skin, so just make sure you spend a little time rubbing the product in. But since it uses certified organic sunflower oil as its base, it makes for an easy application.


  • This product is a good value of your money
  • It uses a high concentration of zinc oxide as its active ingredient
  • It comes in a very simple formula that makes the product safe for daily use


  • It comes in a thick texture that will leave you with a white cast if you don’t apply it properly

BurnOut Eco-Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 35


Though this SPF 35 sunscreen by Burnout may be a little expensive that you are used to be paying, when you consider what you are about to get, I can really say that this product is a good value for your money.

Anyway, this sunscreen delivers broad-spectrum protection by using an active ingredient which is 18.95% zinc oxide. However, unlike the first product, it actually has a longer list of ingredients; there are 21 to be exact. Though this is pretty normal for a natural sunscreen which is trying to deliver smoother texture, there is one specific ingredient I noticed that you need to consider especially if you are trying to get rid of any irritants and this is lecithin. 

But if lecithin content is not an issue to you at all, this sunscreen is an amazing product that goes smoothly and rubs in well. This will definitely provide knockout sun protection.


  • This product is a good value of your money
  • It uses a high concentration of zinc oxide as its active ingredient


  • It has lecithin content that is likely made from soy

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream SPF 30


When it comes to your face, this is the best sunscreen with zinc oxide that you can use. This sunscreen provides broad-spectrum by using 20% zinc oxide as its active ingredient. This has the highest concentration of active ingredients among the five products mentioned n this list.

At first look, you will see its long list of ingredients and I know this might get you turned off with; but if you will take a closer look, you will see the formula is actually a lot simpler than it seems.

It is made from a formula that aims to be a reliable moisturizer and at the same time sun protection. Its list of ingredients is actually packed with antioxidants that have been sourced out from various natural sources like fruits. It does not contain any gluten, soy or another major red-flag allergen. This only means that you can safely use this sunscreen every day without having to worry that you might develop skin irritation.

But what makes this product really impressive is that it is a tinted sunscreen that is available in five blendable shades. Isn’t it great to get the durable and reliable sun protection within a moisturizing and tinted package that will not leave you with the classic whitened face?

Unfortunately, all these benefits come in a heftier price tag. It can really be expensive for overall use but the product is really great at what it does.


  • It uses a high concentration of zinc oxide as its active ingredient
  • It comes with effective tinting and there are five shades you can choose from


  • It is an expensive product

Goodness Garden Organics Baby Natural Sunscreen SPF 30


This natural sunscreen delivers broad-spectrum protection by using an active ingredient which is 19% zinc oxide. When you consider its affordable price, I can say that this concentration of active ingredient is really high; it is definitely an excellent product especially if you don’t want to compromise your skincare products’ quality just to fit your budget. It also has water resistant for up to 40 minutes which keeps you protected no matter what activities you are at.

Anyway, this sunscreen is composed of only 11 ingredients; this means it has a least complicated formula. However, I noticed that it contains soybean oil that I think is the deal-breaker for those who have sensitive skin.


  • It uses a high concentration of zinc oxide as its active ingredient
  • It uses a simple formula that makes it ideal for daily use
  • It is affordable


  • It has soy content

Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sunscreen SPF 30


This sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection by using 18.4% zinc oxide as its active ingredient.

What’s great about this sunscreen is its grape juice content. We all know how most of the sunscreen that uses zinc oxide tends to leave the skin with that annoying white cast. However, Babo Botanicals found out that mixing zinc oxide with grape juice will help the zinc disappear a little better and this will result in a less severe white cast. You will no longer need tinting or chemical sunscreen ingredients. 

Isn’t that a pretty neat trick? This can also be one of the best sunscreens you can wear under your makeup, what do you think?


  • It comes at an affordable price
  • It uses a high concentration of zinc oxide as its active ingredient


  • It comes in a thicker texture
  • It uses a bit complicated formula

What Really Is Zinc Oxide Sunscreen?

Zinc oxide has always been considered to be a natural, effective remedy for centuries. It is used to help heal any open wounds or treat those painful skin burns time and again. But things got a little more interesting, there were recent researches that suggested that this remarkable mineral does not only have a helpful impact on wound healing but also to our skin health – and this includes a fantastic protection against the sun.

Zinc itself actually is a form of mineral which can be naturally found all over the country. Zinc oxide, on the other hand, is the compound which has been made through chemically heating the zinc which is then combined with the oxygen molecules. In this way, these two elements will then vaporized and condensed which will then later on crystallize and form into thin white powder. The powder will be added to a formula, so it will sit on the surface of your skin to help us protect ourselves from the harmful and damaging UV rays. This basically makes zinc oxide sunscreen.

The original formulas of zinc oxide sunscreen before comes a little dense, but thanks to the advancement of the technology, they have significantly improved. In this way, we can now be capable of producing much tinier particles of zinc oxide.

This definitely means that today’s zinc oxide sunscreens provide us with greater protection against the sun and at the same time are very transparent and thin in nature too that they sometimes get barely visible after being applied into the skin.

But what’s even great is that mineral zinc also contains properties that are anti-inflammatory as well as anti-microbial not only offer some of the most, so in addition to being a sun protection, it can also help you heal wound, burns and improve overall skin health.

This only means the zinc oxide sunscreen does not only deliver the most convenient and effective sunscreens in the world, but they are also the best way to improve your skin health as well as its quality.

What You Need To Look For in a Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

  1. Nano-sized zinc oxide vs. non-nano-sized zinc oxide.

Thanks to today’s advanced technology, nano-sized zinc oxide particles have now been made accessible. What’s great about nano-sized zinc oxide particles are that they are apparently quite naturally small so it will make a nearly invisible sunscreen. 

Unfortunately, there has been a little disagreement among the health industry. They suggest that these small enough particles have the tendency to clog your skin’s pores which might lead to skin irritation including related declines with skin quality.

So I highly recommend that you opt for zinc oxide sunscreen product that are using zinc oxide particles that are non-nano since they are still very effective when it comes to blocking the harmful rays of the sun, it does not come with the risk of skin irritation too.

  1. Make sure it comes in a skin-friendly formula.

Most of those who are searching for a zinc oxide sunscreen are those who are looking for a product that will be gentle for their sensitive skin. If this is the case, then there’s another thing you need to consider and this is the sunscreen’s inactive ingredients.

Just because they have been listed to be “inactive” doesn’t mean that they are not part of what you apply to your skin and does not mean they do not have effect with your skin. So make sure you check the entire list of ingredients and look for ones that will cause your sensitive skin to lead to skin breakouts, excess oil production and other imbalances that would upset your skin.

  1. Opt for those sunscreens that use natural oils and butter as its base.

I also suggest that you opt for zinc oxide sunscreen that builds its base by using all natural oils and butter like shea butter, olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil. 

What’s great about these ingredients are that they are completely organic, they exhibit antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They also have essential nutrients content that is nourishing to the skin and can further protect your skin against the sun damage.

Final Thought

With the latest advancements in the technology, our favourite zinc oxide sunscreen has now speedily become on top of the most efficient and health beneficial sun block choices on the market. It is good to know that they provide a way not only limited in protecting your skin against the sun then at the same time boost your overall skin health as well as improve skin quality in much bigger way.

Anyway, the products I’ve listed above are the best ones you will find in the market today. Each has different features that make the product an exceptional option. How about you? Do you have your own favorite zinc oxide sunscreen? I would like to hear more about that so please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below.

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